The Art of Self-Nurturing was written to empower you to become the artist of your own life and see self-nurturing as an art form. Rather than living from obligation and overwhelm, you will learn to cultivate a life filled with self-compassion and self-love.

The practice of self-nurturing is not about being perfect or completing another thing on your “to-do” list, but rather nurturing a relationship with yourself. It is about recognizing what is nurturing in any given moment and allowing your practice to evolve accordingly. The more we nurture ourselves, the more we know ourselves allowing us to reveal more of who we are in the world. 

This field guide is designed to make your journey easier and to support you by breaking down the process into three parts: The Foundation of Self-NurturingCultivating a Self-Nurturing Practice, and Integrating Self-Nurturing Practices into Your Life

Each section is broken into chapters and provides inspiration, best practices, examples, reflective questions, and self-nurturing practices to support you on your journey.

“Self-nurturing can be the key to give you the insight and awareness to choose how you respond to life rather than to be at its mercy. Kelley Grimes has written a beautiful guide that can be your pathway to healing and wholeness.”  

Dana Bristol-SmithFounder & Executive Director, Leap to Success

Kelley Grimes, MSWis an empowering counselor, self-nurturing expert, sought-after speaker, best-selling author, expert columnist for Aspire Magazine, and an Expert Instructor for She is the founder of Cultivating Peace and Joy inspiring individuals to nurture peace in the world from the inside out.

Kelley is passionate about empowering overwhelmed and exhausted individuals to live with more peace, joy, and meaning through the practice of self-nurturing.  She loves working with individuals, couples, and families in person and virtually to transform their lives.

In addition, she provides professional and leadership development to organizations dedicated to making the world a better place. As a dynamic keynote and workshop presenter she has been invited to present at these inspiring organizations:  Alliance For Regional Solutions, Carlsbad Village Yoga, The Epilepsy Foundation, Exodus Recovery Inc., Girls Rising, Hands of Peace, MAAC, Nordson Corporation, Regional Center, ResCare, Vista Community Clinic, and hospitals, community colleges, universities, and school districts throughout San Diego County on a variety of topics including self-nurturing, stress management, mindfulness, trauma informed care, cultivating resilience, motivational interviewing, avoiding burnout, and staying grounded in uncertain times.

She also teaches self-nurturing practices and strategies to women overcoming domestic violence, homelessness, and other major life challenges for Leap to Success where she serves as the Director of Community Engagement, instructor and leadership coach. Kelley is also a field instructor for San Diego State University where she loves supervising and mentoring Master of Social Work interns.

She is honored to have been awarded the Graduate “Above and Beyond” Field Instructor Award from San Diego State University and the “Olive Branch” Award from Hands of Peace.