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Experience more peace and joy in your life with Kelley’s three decades of counseling expertise and practical strategies. Choose from individual sessions, couples counseling, workshops, professional development programs, or choose an upcoming Art of Self-Nurturing Course. Start your journey towards inner transformation today.

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You can meet with Kelley weekly or twice a month in person, by phone and/or by Skype. You can also invest in a variety of packages, which include individual sessions, mentoring calls, self-nurturing practice tools and more. Join Kelley for a 30-minute discovery call to see how she can best support you.

Couples Counseling

If you yearn for more harmony, peace and joy in your relationship, couple’s counseling is an excellent way to deepen the foundation of nurturing and love in your home.



You can attend a variety of self-nurturing workshops that Kelley facilitates including “How to Care for Yourself Without Feeling Guilty or Selfish”, “How to Begin Nurturing Yourself”, “Nurture Yourself With Forgiveness”, “Nurture Yourself With Mindfulness” and “Nurture Yourself with Creativity” just to name a few.

These workshops explore the concept of self-nurturing and provide you a step-by-step process to cultivate more peace and joy in your life through the practice of self-nurturing. Attending workshops allows you to know you are not alone and is supportive, encouraging and very nurturing.

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Professional and Leadership Development

Kelley provides dynamic and interactive professional and leadership development grounded in the concepts of self-nurturing and mindfulness. During these workshops staff learn practical tools to transform their stress and create a supportive work environment, which positively impacts the organization with happier staff, more efficiency, productivity, creativity, sustainability and the ability to retain dedicated and inspired employees.

Kelley has provided workshops for many nonprofits, schools, colleges, Teacher of Year Conferences, and to forward thinking organizations that want to make the world a better place.

Contact Kelley to speak at your event or organization.

The Art of Self-Nurturing Course – Available September 2024

In this four-week empowerment course you will learn how to cultivate a self-nurturing practice through a supportive step-by-step process starting with cultivating self-compassion, developing more self-awareness, taking inspired action to nurture yourself and then reflecting on your growth and deepening your gratitude practice.

You will be nurtured through the process with weekly modules that are designed to empower not overwhelm you and support you in improving your health, wealth and all your relationships.